Online Reporting
Preparation, verification and submission of reports to all state bodies, reconciliation of calculations with the budget, correspondence with inspectors
Bookkeeping and accounting
Clear if you don't know accounting, and convenient if you do. With built-in OFD, EGAIS, EDI and electronic reporting
All about Companies and Owners
Requisites, owners, financial condition, business value and other information about companies
For Shops
Automation of shops with support for OFD, marking, and EGAIS. Turnkey cash registers, warehouse and accounting, procurement, sales analysis, reporting to government agencies
For Restaurants, Cafes and Canteens
Automation of restaurants, canteens, delivery - from receiving orders to writing off products and calculating salaries
For pharmacies and pharmacy chains
Ready-made catalog, pricing and maximum margins. Accounting by series and expiration dates. Demand calculation and automatic purchases. EDI with suppliers
For Salons and Services
Online appointments, sraff schedule, loyalty programs, accounting and management accounting
E-document Workflow
Electronic signature and document exchange between companies, inside the company and with ordinary people
For trade and production
Warehouse accounting and management of inventory, assortment, and of prices. Built-in EDI with support for marking and EGAIS. Visual and flexible analytics
Orders and delivery (EDI)
Exchange of orders, price lists, documents and product data between retail chains and suppliers
Human Resource Management
Time and attendance, KPI, motivation and gamification, payroll, personnel records and more
Mobile personnel
Order planning, route arranging, mobile app and cash office
CRM active sales system
Collecting requests from all sources: email, phone, social networks, messengers. Supporting customer to the transaction. As a result – sales analytics
Enterprise Social Networking
Common area and convenient tools for joint work and communications